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May 2010

T - 87 days, some features

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I've added two links I'm going to update during the trip. First of all I will have a playlist on Spotify that I will update continuously, so you can listen to the music I listen to :)
I've also added a link to my new Flickr account where I will post the photos that will not fit here for some reason. On flickr I will also add pictures from other photographers of pictures I like.
Another great feature is the map here on travellerspoint that shows you were I am, and where I will go next. So far I've added the places that I know which dates I will arrive at.

Cool? I know :)

Now I have to study for my exam I have next week....

See you

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T - 89 days, The rough picture...

This is pretty much what I was talking about, but on a map. Unfortunately the image becomes "pixly" when I upload it, but you get the picture. The areas in the list are going to be travelled through in chronological order from the top to bottom. Will try to put this as a header on the blog later on.
I've been working on this image for too long now, time for some sleep.
Good night y'all!


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T - 92 days

So, welcome to my blog - U made it!

Here you will read about me and my adventures, boredom, home sickness and other stuff.

This blog is about a trip through out Asia, hopefully you already know that. Anyhow, I thought I tell you the background to this trip and itinerary. Earlier this year me and my friend Fredrik went on a 6 week trip in northern India, Nepal and some lazy days in Kerala, southern India. So after seeing Taj Mahal, the Ganges and spending a month in Nepal in the most beautiful environments one can imagine, I was on a rooftop by a beach in Kerala. There it hit me, with a beer in my hand and the sun reflecting my shades. I'm gonna postpone my studies and go travelling for a year! It seemed like a great idea, there on the sunny roof listening to the waves breaking on the beach. And furthermore, I felt that I needed to do it alone.
Why? Freedom.


The only problem was and is - $$$
I already had one third of my total budget needed. So some rational procedures were necessary, moving back home to my parents, selling my stuff that would give me $$$ and to work my ass off during the summer. I already moved to my folks and have two jobs for the summer, the thing I need to be more serious with is the selling part. It might be possible since I still have three more months to go.

So this trip is a continuation of the 6 week project that can be viewed as a pilot for a long time trip like this.

The Solo in Asia tour is due to start on the 21st of August, when I'm leaving Stockholm for Bombay. The only things that are certain after that are two flights:

17th of October, Madras - Colombo
16th of November, Colombo - Kuala Lumpur

This means approximate two months in India and one month in Sri Lanka, these 3 months in South Asia will serve s a "warm up" before continuing for another 6-8 months through South East Asia, East Asia and eventually West Asia.
If everything goes my way, I will be sitting in a train on the trans-Siberian railway from Bejing to Moscow. After that, depending on how much money I'll have left, either catch a plane to Stockholm or continue with train into Europe.

// Patrick

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